India - Norway Marine Pollution Initiative

Coordinating and Providing a Common Platform for India-Norway Marine Pollution Initiative in India


Improve the management of marine pollution in India, and support India to actively engage globally on this issue.

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UNEP is playing an important role in the India-Norway Marine Pollution initiative by contributing to the management of marine pollution in India, and support India to actively engage globally on this issue through policy and technical support to the Marine Litter Cell at the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. UNEP is contributing through:
  • Providing evidence-based inputs on key policy and governance aspects related to marine plastics pollution. Completed research studies under the project have provided insights on experience from States on banning SUP items; current research capacities on marine plastic litter in India; and on bio-medical plastic waste management during COVID. Ongoing research studies aim at understanding issues related to scaling up alternatives to the banned SUP items, promoting sustainable plastics packaging and improving efficacy of plastics waste recycling in India.
  • Sharing UNEP’s global knowledge products and providing technical support from UNEP’s global teams through technical notes, and review of technical studies done in India.
  • Briefings to facilitate constructive engagement on the global discourse around an agreement on marine litter and plastic pollution at UNEA 5.2.
  • Facilitating international knowledge exchange on the issues of EPR, SUP product bans, and municipal level plastics waste management.
  • Generating awareness through regional and national level programmes of the government to support national initiatives on implementation of SUP product bans.
  • Building capacities for implementation of national directives on plastics waste management, SUP regulations and EPR guidelines.
  • Supporting sub-national initiatives for implementation of national directives. UNEP in conjunction with its other initiatives provided inputs to states like Bihar and Uttarakhand and cities like Agra, Haridwar, and Prayagraj to formulate strategies for effective plastics waste management.
  • Coordinating and synergizing work of project partners and other agencies, as well as regular stock-take and review of the initiative through project Steering Committee meetings.
  • Providing technical support to the Marine Litter Cell in MoEFCC for collation and analysis of studies, data, information, reports, and briefing on plastics.

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