India - Norway Marine Pollution Initiative

Marine Litter and Mindset change programme in Mumbai

3 Years (2019-2022)

Broad based engagement involving citizens, students, local municipality, corporates and governments to beat plastic pollution

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Marine debris plucked in Beach Cleanup

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Marine debris was plucked in Mangrove cleanup

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Garbage stopped from entering the ocean


The project aims to create scalable future model plastic producers while engaging the local
communities, municipalities and students to beat the plastic pollution. The project is
specifically looking to:

i. Create sustainable models at the ground level so that individuals can easily adopt a
sustainable lifestyle.

ii. Beach/Mangrove Cleanup demonstrations as a preventive action to stop plastic
from entering the ocean thereby reducing marine debris/litter in the ocean.

iii. Community involvement to reduce garbage to handle garbage properly and involving
the locals to protect and preserve the environment.

Some of the specific initiatives include – Rejuvenating River Mithi – cleaning up of the river,making 43 villages of Sanjay Gandhi National Park garbage free. The following 14 programmes were successfully implemented under the mindset change work on the communities:

  • Project Veg Power
  • Project Cold Pressed Oil
  • Project Waste to Utility
  • Project Bulk Spices
  • Project Femme Freedom
  • Project Green Wedlock
  • Off-Street
  • Project Bulk Ration
  • Project Bulk Oil
  • Project Ganesha
  • Project Bulk Detergent
  • Project Bulk Shampoo
  • Project Bulk Tea
  • Project Bulk Soap

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