India - Norway Marine Pollution Initiative

INOPOL 2 Final Dissemination Event 17th October 2023

An event was held on 17th October, 2022 in New Delhi to mark the culmination of The India-Norway cooperation project on capacity building for reducing plastic and chemical pollution in India (INOPOL) and to disseminate its findings. The INOPOL project was a part of India-Norway Joint Marine Pollution Initiative, and it involved partnership of key Indian and Norwegian organisations working in the sustainability space to explore various dimensions of plastic and chemical pollution in India. His Excellency the Ambassador of Norway to India Mr. Hans Jacob Frydenlund, Shri Bharat Lal, Director General, National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) and experts from Indian and Norwegian research organisations released a report on “Plastic Waste Management Strategy for Gujarat” and “Action Plan for Reducing Persistent Organic Pollutants in Gujarat.”

The INOPOL project has provided valuable knowledge and insights that India can use to achieve its ambitious environmental goals by reducing the amount of plastic and hazardous chemicals. The knowledge from the INOPOL project will also provide the Indian government with scientific knowledge for the upcoming negotiations on the international agreement on plastic pollution, commencing in November.

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