India - Norway Marine Pollution Initiative

Second Regional Workshop And Business to Business Meeting On Co-processing in Cement Industry in Bhutan- 24th-25th August 2023

A two day workshop was conducted to provide an in-depth understanding of waste inventory and current management, regulatory and institutional framework, programs and bi- and multi- lateral projects on waste management in Bhutan. And to discuss the results of pilot demonstration conducted in China, India, Vietnam and Thailand with non-recyclable plastic wastes. Cost recovery model were also discussed aimed at enhancing the utilization of segregates combustible fraction and Refused Derived Fuel from Municipal Solid Waste in India. On second day, a Business to Business session involving private sector companies from India and Bhutan was planned to explore collaborative projects and business activities. Several high-level dignitaries including His Excellency Sudhakar Dalela, Ambassador of India to Bhutan, Ms. Karla Hershey, UN Resident Co-ordinator, Bhutan, Ms. Tashi Pem, Director General DECC, Ms Beate Langset, Counsellor- Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi and Mr. Atul Bagai, Head UNEP India shared their perspective and participated in the discussions.

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